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Chimney Flashing Repair: Complete Guide by Golden Coast Roofing

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Replace Flashing Around Chimney

In the modern world of construction, chimneys hold a crucial place. Structurally, the chimney can be a tricky part of the roof. Chimney flashing protects the building and it’s important to inspect it regularly. Many people ignore this and it results in a much bigger problem for the future. Our workers at Golden Coast Roofing specialize in chimney flashing repair so you don’t have to face any such problems.

Today we’ll discuss what a chimney flashing is, the types of material to use in flashing when you should repair it, and the factors that may affect its total cost.

Understanding the Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashing consists of sheets of metal. These sheets are installed around the area where your chimney meets the roof. The main purpose of flashing is to keep this connection watertight so you don’t face any leakage in your roof. It fills out all the gaps between bricks or shingles, thus making your roof safe for all weather.

Types of Chimney Flashing:

Flashing comes in a whole range of materials. Each material comes with its pros and cons and factoring them in while making a choice is important. Following are some materials from which you can choose:

  • Aluminum is a popular choice for flashing. It’s corrosion-free and relatively affordable. This material is lightweight and much more durable as compared to other options. Also, it can be placed with any kind of roofing.
  • Copper is a slightly expensive choice but it has its benefits. It’s durable and with time it becomes even stronger. If you’re someone looking for aesthetics, copper is the go-to option. It also provides extreme weather resistance and never tarnishes.
  • PVC is a synthetic option that you can go for. The major advantage of this material is that: it is very easy to install. 
  • Lead is a material that was used much more in the past than it is now. On one hand, it forms tight seals around your chimneys making leakage almost impossible, on the other hand, it can have several health concerns. Today most people avoid this option.
  • Another option to choose from is galvanized steel. A coating of zinc is used to enhance the resistance against corrosion. This option is affordable and durable making it a suitable choice to pick. 

Spotting Trouble in flashing 

Chimney flashing acts as a guard for your roof. A flashing can last more than 30 years if it’s installed correctly. However, factors like environment, material used and the expertise of the person installing it may cause this timeframe to vary. It’s important to look out for signs that may indicate a damaged flashing so you can get a timely chimney flashing repair. Following are some of the major signs to look out for:

Rust or Corrosion;

The first sign that you should look out for is visible rust or corrosion. Rust can cause a chimney flashing to become weak and it loses its ability to act as a water barrier. This will weaken your chimney and your roof. If you see this sign it’s obvious that you need to fix the chimney flashing.

Water Stains:

Water stains are another important sign. Stains in the ceiling indicate that there’s a gap in your flashing that’s causing the water to come in. It makes your roof weak and susceptible to all kinds of problems. If you notice such stains contact a roofing company and get a chimney flashing repair immediately.


If there’s any trouble with your flashing you’ll see a leakage during heavy rains. Another sign is water pooling around on the roof around your chimney. These signs indicate that the water isn’t diverting away from the flashing correctly and thus you have a leaking chimney flashing. You can end up with bigger damage if this problem isn’t dealt with.

Damaged Flashing:

To be sure there is no issue with a roof check the flashing around your chimney very especially. Flashing can become loose or damaged due to some extreme condition like heat or torn apart by general wear and tear. Such a flashing won’t be able to form a proper seal around your chimney. In case of such signs, repair your chimney flashing. 

Passing the age limit:

Just like any other thing in construction, flashing too has a particular age. Factors like climate, materials, rainfall, or excessive sunlight can vary this age but your flashing will expire at some time. It’s important to know the time of installation in such cases, so you calculate when to replace the chimney flashing or get it repaired.

Visible Mold:

A faulty flashing can cause moisture to increase all around the chimney. This moisture will cause mold growth both inside and outside the house. If you notice any mold growth do a detailed inspection of your flashing so you can avoid further moisture in your chimney and roof.

Damaged Chimney Crown:

The chimney crown is the structure present on the top of your chimney. It helps water to enter the chimney and provides undeniable protection to the whole chimney. If the crown is cracked, deteriorated, or sagging it will hurt your flashing. 

A Cost estimate on getting a flashing repair:

Up to this point, we have established that the flashing of your chimney is an important structure. It protects your chimney and thus your roof. Damage in the flashing will cause leakage, seepage, and more moisture. If your flashing is damaged, getting a chimney flashing repair is a must. The next question is how much will it cost to repair your chimney flashing.

The following are some factors that influence the total cost of repair:

Extent of damage:

The cost of your repair depends upon the extent of the damage. Small issues like cracks can be solved within a minimum budget. However, if there’s a structural problem or corrosion in the flashing reflashing the chimney might be your only option and it will cost more.

Materials used:

The quality of materials that are used in repairing can affect the total cost. Choosing high-quality materials may seem expensive but it proves cost-effective. They are more durable and need less maintenance.


Accessibility is an important factor that controls the cost of chimney flashing repair. If your chimney is easy to reach, the repair will be straightforward and thus more cost-effective. On the other hand, a hard-to-reach chimney means more labor and more time which will eventually cost more.

Geographical location:

The city or town where your property is located also affects the total cost. Areas that are more posh and have higher living standards will have more labor costs whereas if you are living in a small town the chimney flashing repair job might cost a bit less.

Type of Structure:

Lastly, another factor that affects everything is the structure and size of your chimney. The appearance, size, and general design of your roof will also control the total cost of your repair.

Why choose Golden Coast Roofing?

Over the past few years, Golden Coast Roofing has established itself as the pioneer in roofing in Los Angeles.. Our experts provide top quality roofing services. Chimneys are a critical structure and a chimney flashing repair requires all sorts of expertise. Finding a company that suits you and your house, does a proper inspection, and completes the job within a given time can be a bit tough. This is where we step in. Our team provides a free of cost detailed inspection after which we’ll provide you with an estimated cost. In case of any chimney flashing repair job, we complete the job in time and make sure that you are not disturbed during the job.


In conclusion, if you have a chimney on your roof make sure that you keep an eye on the chimney flashing. Flashings are important for your chimney and roof. Its maintenance and correct installation are very important. For any of your roofing, chimney, or flashing-related jobs contact Golden Coast Roofing and let us take care of your problems.


In how much time will a repair job be completed?

The total time for a repair depends on many factors. The extent of damage and ease of access to your chimney can control the time it takes for the repair. While minor damages may be repaired within two to three hours, extensive problems can take more than one day to fix.

Can you repair your chimney flashing yourself?

There are some minor issues that you can repair yourself but keep in mind that chimney flashing is a delicate structure that requires professional attention. To solve the problem permanently and avoid any major damages hiring a professional is recommended.

Is Golden Coast Roofing a properly licensed company?

Golden Coast Roofing is licensed with all the relevant authorities. We follow all the regulations set by local and national governments and make sure that everything is done by the book.

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