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Shingle Roof Repair

Wondering How to Go About Shingle Roof Repair? Here are The Answers

Everybody needs a secure roof over their heads. When it comes to shingle roofing, having a reliable residential shingle roof repair company on hand is a must. By ensuring that shingle roof tiles are well maintained and weatherproof, the most visible feature of any home will always look great.   The first thing to know about fixing a shingle roof is that it’s a job for a reliable shingle roofing company. Anybody not knowing what they are doing is sure to cause more damage when attempting to repair a shingle roof. In fact, an inexperienced contractor called out to do a shingle roof repair could do so much damage that the job could end up being a shingle roof replacement. So, leave the job to the experts at the shingle roofing company! A roof is an asset to a property, and by keeping a shingle roof in good condition, it becomes and eye-catching feature of the house. As there are several ways that shingle roof tiles can be damaged, it’s good to know how to identify them and to know whether a replacement is needed, or a repair will be enough, and what to do next.

When is a Shingle Roof Repair Needed?

  • When a shingle curls, its edge starts to lift. As can be imagined, lifting can result in leaking, so a shingle roof repair would be required. Care should be taken to establish the cause of the curling, as it often happens when the roof ventilation is inadequate. It also occurs in cases when a second layer of shingles has been placed on top of an existing one. Treating curling is often straightforward and the good news is that a shingle roof replacement would not be necessary. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to get a reputable shingle roof repair company to attend to the curling issue. Normally the application of a good sealant will also help get the job done.

  • Bruising of a shingle roof tile that has been damaged by large hailstones leaves a splatter on the tile resembling that of a stone hitting a windscreen. Of course, this isn’t good for the tile, as it affects its water dispersal ability. Fortunately, most homeowners have an insurance policy for this, and it is suggested that these shingle roof tiles be replaced when this occurs.

  • Cupping of shingle roof tiles happens towards the end of a shingle roof lifespan. As shingle roof tiles get older, they may start to cup. This is best described as a sagging look, where the shingle roof tile hollows out in the middle. If there are only a limited amount of cupped shingle roof tiles, as commonly happens in many homes, then a residential shingle roof repair to replace them is recommended.

Shingle Roof Repairs for Older Houses

In older houses the shingles are often old as they approach the end of the shingle roof lifespan, and a common occurrence is for craze cracks to develop. This is shingle surface cracking where the matt surface on the asphalt shingle has shrunk due mainly to wear and tear. While this may detract from a good visual appeal, and may warrant replacement for this reason, these cracks don’t affect the integrity of the roof.

In the cases of a shingle roof of thirty years or more and where the shingle roof lifespan is over, flaking can be expected. Clearly there is nothing that can be done to replace flaking shingle roof tiles, and any competent shingle roofing company will advise that a shingle roof replacement is necessary.
shingle roof replacement and repair

What are the Benefits of a Shingle Roof Repair?

Attending to shingle roof tiles that are damaged timeously can result in several benefits:  

  • Continuous shingle roofing maintenance will extend the life of a shingle roof for years to come.

  • Repairing shingle roofing when there are signs of damage saves the huge cost of shingle roof replacement.

  • A residential shingle roof repair adds value to and keeps the look of a house.

How to Go About Shingle Roof Repair

Rest assured, an experienced LA roofing company will undertake the job of shingle roof tile repair with great care and efficiency. 

Firstly, successful shingle roof repair process depends on the expert knowledge of the treatment measures needed for the different types of damage found during the shingle roof inspection. 

Secondly, these professionals know how to move about on a shingle roof without damaging it. 

Unfortunately, just walking on the roof presents a threat if anyone inexperienced were to attempt it as more damage may be caused. Professionals from a shingle roofing company will know when and how to do the assessment and the repair safely.   

  • Once assessed, expect a detailed quote for materials and labor, as well as the time involved to conduct the shingle roof repair. 
  • Individual shingle roof tiles will be lifted and replaced. 
  • The application of a sealant and the securing of the shingle roof tile using the appropriate nail or staple will be done with precision. 
  • Movement on the roof will be done with care to avoid any further damage.

Q & A Shingle Roof Repairs

What can I expect from a reliable LA roofing company when I need shingle roof repair?

Any professional shingle roof repair company should have good references, provide an accurate written quote, have liability insurance, and be able to give you a warranty on the job.

Why is it important to get professionals from shingle roofing company in?

This is a very relevant question. A lot can go wrong if a shingle roof repair is not done properly. Just walking on the roof could cause more damage and besides the decision to use staples or nails needs to be made and they must be installed correctly.

What are the common causes of damage to shingle roof tiles?

Besides the fact that they get old over time, damage can be caused by hail and other weather conditions, improper installation, a defective product, mechanical damage, or foot traffic on the roof.

How can I inspect my roof if walking on the roof is not advised?

Best is to use a ladder and prop it up against the roof. Don’t put any pressure on shingle roof tiles that are brittle, cupped or curled, as you will damage them even more.
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