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The Importance of Roof Flashing and How to Replace Flashing on a Roof

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Replace Flashing on a Roof

Roof flashing is an essential part of roof cover. It is an indispensable roofing system that helps guide water off the roof and provides additional protection from potential leaks, especially in vulnerable spots. Without adequate roof flashing the building below is exposed to water damage or even infestation.

Should flashing become defective it must be repaired or replaced straight away. Homeowners should therefore know the signs of flashing damage and look out for it, especially after inclement weather. 

This article provides useful information on flashing, how it gets damaged, what it looks like, and the consequences of not doing a flashing replacement immediately. It also equips the reader with tips on how to replace flashing should it occur. 

Purpose and Types of Flashing

While all flashing serves the same function- to protect against roof leaks, they come in different shapes, sizes, and materials.

  • Perimeter flashing 

Apron and drip edge flashing is lengthy strips that divert water from the roof into the gutters. They run along walls and tile edges to help ensure that water doesn’t run down into the roof and cause rot. When they become defective it is time to replace flashing in roof areas like these. 

  • Corners, valleys, and protrusions 

Valley flashing is installed in places where roof angles meet and cover the joints thereby preventing leaks. Counter or chimney flashing is used to seal the areas around protrusions of any area that is vulnerable to leaks. When a leak occurs, there is only one remedy: replace the chimney flashing as soon as possible. Step flashing is another type, which is installed against a wall and roof where they meet to secure against leaks. 

Signs of Flashing Damage

It is crucial for a homeowner to be on the lookout for signs of flashing damage and to take quick action if it occurs. This will help prevent further damage by water, in particular. Easily visible signs are: 

  • Evidence of corrosion and rust in flashing and gutters
  • Curling or broken flashing around protrusions like skylights or chimneys
  • Broken or cracked flashing 
  • Signs of water stains, seepage, or damage. 

Flashing Repair or Replacement: What to do. 

It could be that the flashing damage is small and can be repaired quickly, but when in some cases the flashing has passed the point of being repairable, don’t think that replacing flashing on roof surfaces by DIY is easy. The reason is obvious: 

  • Roofing company experts are trained to identify these signs to prevent the roof replacement Los Angeles homeowners wish to avoid. 
  • When seeing a leak, homeowners should preferably call a reputable roofing company that’s known for its tile roof repair services. 
  • A thorough inspection will prevent the possibility of roof replacement. Flashing repair calls for specific skills and is tricky, especially in the event of having to replace chimney flashing or fix a leaking skylight.

Remember many causes of a roof replacement are because of failure to replace flashing on roof zones that are faulty or damaged.

How to Replace Flashing

Any flashing or tile roof repair that is small, such as a hole or crack or having to fix a leaking skylight, can easily be done using a roof patch or caulk to seal the defective joins. However, this may only be a temporary solution, and it would be a better idea to replace flashing on roof areas affected by the damage. 

When it comes to roof replacement of tiles or flashing, or complex jobs like having to replace chimney flashing, a roofing company would be the best to do it. With knowledge of matters involved in roof replacement, Los Angeles based professionals have the right skills to replace roof flashing on roof surfaces. 

  • Equipped with the right materials and tools, the roofing company crew would start by inspecting and removing old or damaged flashing. 
  • The roof replacement of flashing requires removing some shingles and cutting new flashing to the correct size. 
  • Depending on the type of flashing it may need to be shaped and cut at angles for example when the roofing company personnel replace roof flashing on roof edges or corners.
  • Whether flashing is done on a shingle or tile roof replacement, flashing ends overlap each other, and a sealant is applied. This applies to most flashing, particularly to apron flashing and when doing chimney replacement flashing. 
  • Working upwards, as flashing is replaced so are tiles, completing the job up to the apex of the roof. 

Maintenance Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Flashing

Visible signs of flashing damage can be seen after high winds or if debris like branches fall on the roof. However, all it needs is a small hole in the flashing to cause a leak. The damage water causes if left unattended can be devastating and costly. Avoid the chance of this happening by maintaining flashing, regular cleaning, inspection, and repairs. 

  • Homeowners should be discouraged from doing this themselves, as working on a roof is dangerous. 
  • A professional roofing company should be tasked to perform maintenance tasks to undertake regular preventative maintenance.
  • However, the onus is always on the homeowner to take responsibility for roof maintenance as roof replacement Los Angeles-based roof company costs could be expensive. 

A Passing Thought 

When it comes to tile roof replacement, tile roof repair or simply needing to replace flashing on roof areas, call the best roofing company for roof replacement Los Angeles: Golden Coast Roofing.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there particular places that are liable for needing to replace flashing on roof areas?

It often depends on the quality of the original installation, but areas where the wall and roof meet and roof protrusions like having to replace chimney flashing are susceptible to leaks. 

Can I perform a flashing replacement myself, or should I hire an expert?

We advise against it for reasons of personal safety and the lack of skills to do the replacement.

How can I detect damage to flashing and what should be done when I find one?

Keeping an eye out for leaks and inspecting flashing after severe weather are some of the quick ways of identifying problems, in which case call a roofing contractor to fix the problem. 

Are there any specific types of flashing that work better for certain types of roofs or materials?

Yes, flashing is tailor-made for the purpose intended, for edges, corners, protrusions, or valleys. The roofing company will supply the appropriate replacement flashing when flashing replacement is required. 

How can I tell if a chimney replacement flashing is properly installed, and what signs should I look for to ensure it is working effectively?

We recommend only using a tile roof repair expert to replace the chimney flashing. They should provide a guarantee that they replace chimney flashing to be waterproof, and correctly installed.

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