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Flat Roof Extension Leaking: What to Do When it Occurs

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Flat Roof Extension Leaking

As the popularity of flat roofs continues to grow, so do more homeowners and businesses realize the many benefits they offer in covering roof spaces. They are well suited, according to many a roofing company in LA, to the local market. A flat roof installation is cheaper than most others, but being flat, water can pool on its surface, which could result in problems for the owner. 

While simple in structure, one of the common problems is the flat roof leaking. This should not detract from the advantages of installing a flat roof extension over the patio or new storage areas. Here we investigate what to do in the event of a roof extension leaking, and how to go about its roof leak repair. 

What are the Implications of a Flat roof extension Leaking?

While water dispersal on a sloping roof is assured by the angle of the roof, it’s not the case with a flat roof. Even though on installation a roofing company in LA would ensure that the flat roof is slightly angled, unforeseen circumstances like severe weather could jeopardize the integrity of the flat roof. 


This could result in a roof extension leak, evidence of which is normally the appearance of water below the roof. Of course, this could do great damage and needs to be addressed straight away. Residential roofers are best qualified to do roof leak repair and should be called in to do so. They will have the right tools and materials on hand to do so, and a resolute roofing company in LA would even work on flat roofs in harsh weather to satisfy the homeowner. 


Signs of Flat Roof extension leaking 

Some areas are more prone to leaking than others. For example, any roof protrusion is susceptible, like a roof leaking around chimney edges, Flat roof extension leaking is normally quite easy to identify, and homeowners are always encouraged to be vigilant after severe weather especially. 

The presence of water pooling is the first sign. However, sometimes the roof extension leak isn’t immediately evident. Water can seep, stream, and run along or down beams where if not detected can cause mold and rotting. It means that looking for signs of the roof extension leaking is as important as looking for evidence of the presence of water. 

Causes of Flat Roof Extension leaking 

  • Poor Installation 

Inferior installation and roofing membranes are common causes of flat roof extension leaking. Additionally, membranes are prone to wear and tear as they age, resulting in them splitting. 

  • Man-made damage. 

This occurs when inexperienced DIYers or careless roofers cause perforations in the roof. Scraping sharp objects like tools or objects across the flat roof can also cause unnecessary damage resulting in a roof extension leak. 

  • Lead flashing leaks 

Lead flashing which is used to seal the junction of a wall and a flat roof does wear or pull away from the wall, causing leaks to occur. 

  • Problems around the roof edges

Gutters that become choked up and flashing get damaged, causing water to pool, while defective facias and soffits can result in roof extension leaking. 

How to Repair a Flat roof extension leaking 

Simple issues on a flat roof extension leaking like a water leak at a nail or a small cut in the metal may be fixed using a membrane covering with added sealant. But this could be a short-term solution and it’s best, even with these small issues, to use a roofing company in LA to do this kind of roof leak repair. 

For further surety adding an overlay is advised to prevent further flat roof extension leaking. Sometimes in the case of damage caused by someone walking on the flat roof that piece may have to be replaced altogether with stronger roofing materials to prevent a roof extension leak. 

Having a roofing company in LA on speed dial is recommended for occasions where roof leak repair is required. Fixing facia boards, lead flashing, and attending to soffit problems is the work for professionals entirely. Expect them to fix the roof extension properly and certify their work on finishing. 

Why Maintenance is Important to Avoid Flat Roof Leaking.

Preservation through maintenance is recommended when it comes to a flat roof, as a flat roof is prone to leaking at some stage in its life. A flat roof needs regular roof maintenance. Don’t think that it’s a DIY job because it’s not. Ask a good roofing company in LA and they will tell you that many a home fix has caused more damage when trying to do a flat roof leak repair themselves. 


This is why it is very important to engage the services of professionals to perform maintenance tasks that involve preventative maintenance to limit roof extension leaking on the flat roof. 


A Word from The Experts

Flat roofs are great, easy to install, and are versatile. But their design lends a flat roof to more roof leak repair being required than sloping roofs. The recommended way to keep a flat roof in good condition and to be free of roof leaks is to get the best roofing company in LA on call for regular maintenance or to attend to any problems that may occur. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a roof leak repair on a flat roof extension leaking help extend its lifespan?

Attending to a flat roof leak repair immediately will safeguard the roof against deterioration thereby prolonging the life of the roof. 

Can I perform a repair on a roof extension leak, or should I hire a professional?

We advise against it because a professional residential roofer is normally more qualified to do so. We also don’t recommend homeowners work on a roof for personal safety reasons. 

How can I prevent my flat roof leaking, and what maintenance tasks should I perform regularly?

Be on the lookout for any signs of leaks, mold, watermarks, or puddles. You may be able to clear gutters but don’t go as far as to walk on the roof. 

Which areas are most susceptible to leaking on a flat roof extension?

A roof extension leak is more common in areas where the wall meets the roof or protrusions like a roof leaking around chimney bases.

How will I know if a flat roof extension leak is properly repaired?

A reputable roofing company in LA will replace affected areas and seal them correctly, assuring the homeowner that it is properly repaired. A DIY job cannot give that guarantee. 

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