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Get to know our team at Golden Coast Roofing before you look for a residential roofing company in Sherman Oaks or start your next roofing project!

Commercial Roof Installation in Los Angeles County

You should never underestimate the importance of a durable commercial roof to protect your business assets and employees. It plays a significant role in maintaining the strength and aesthetics of your commercial space while avoiding frustrating minor issues. However, every roofing material has its expiry date, and commercial roofs also require some modifications. After a roof passes its average life, it can succumb to wear and tear, leading to vulnerable damage. In this scenario, it is a wise step to have a professional commercial roof installation.

Golden Coast Roofing recognizes the value of a strong and secure roof for your business and commercial property. Having a certified and skilled team, we understand the challenges of installing a commercial roof and their solutions. Being a licensed roofing company, we are also aware of and able to meet the market standards. This article gives you a comprehensive guide to getting an efficient commercial roof installation in California, Los Angeles.

Why Choose Golden Coast Roofing

Hiring the right company for a new commercial roof installation brings great benefits. It also provides you peace of mind that your business area is in trustworthy custody. Here are some reasons why Golden Coast Roofing leads the race in the roofing industry.

  • Licensed and Insured: One of the major achievements that make us trustworthy is a C-93 License. It makes us eligible to work as professional roofing contractors in California. Moreover, we are also an insured company, giving financial support if any harmful incident happens to your property or our workers.
  • Experience and Expertise: Another notable feature that a professional company should present is its experience and proficiency. With years of work in the industry, we understand all the complexities that may occur during the projects. Unlike other companies, we also directly hire professionals and train them according to the current market standards.
  • Customer-Friendly Environment: To create a positive connection between the customer and the company, we foster smooth communication. We provide free consultation to our clients and guide them with the best solutions. Afterward, we deliver the exact quotes for the project’s cost, avoiding the customers from any hidden expenses. Our professional staff will also be answering every question you might have during the working process.
  • Quality Materials and Techniques: We utilize advanced and top-rated technology to detect all kinds of potential issues and address them. Golden Coast Roofing also works smartly to bring premium quality roofing materials for long-lasting and effective functionality. Additionally, we also provide extended warranties on all the roofing materials for better client satisfaction.
  • Additional Services: In addition to working on the spot, we have a dedicated customer servicing department. You get the answer or solution to any emergency problem at any time. Furthermore, we also value your time and aim to get the job done within the promised duration.

The Commercial Roof Installation Process with Golden Coast Roofing

With our specialists and up-to-date technology, we ensure a seamless and effective process. Read more about how each step of the project is being done.

Pre-Installation Phase:

In our first meeting, we provide the clients with a free consultation. It includes the discussion regarding the condition of their roof, their concerns, preferences, and budget. We also help our customers to get permits for the work if it is needed in any case.

Inspection and Estimation: After you have decided to work with Golden Coast Roofing, we perform an extensive inspection. We detect the issues that should be taken into consideration before a new commercial roof is set up. We also give an exact estimation of the cost of the project, bringing no hidden charges during the work.

Roof Tear-Off and Removal (if applicable):

Installing a new commercial roof on the existing one may bring benefits. It helps in completing the project in minimum time and also saves you money. However, if the structure of the old roof is not smooth and sound, there is a need to dispose of the existing layer. Our skilled staff uses cutting-edge technology and debris disposal techniques to ensure the minimum disruption to your business work.

Roof Deck Preparation:

Before placing the new roof, we deal with the issues of the underlying roof deck. It may include repairing minor sections, addressing leakage issues, or installing vents to avoid any moisture accumulation.

Designing: The design of the new roof depends on the available space and the client’s preference. We use modern techniques and special software to construct the computerized models or diagrams for this step.

New Roof Installation:

The main process starts from here and significantly depends on the chosen material. For commercial roof installation services, we utilize modern techniques and market-leading tools and machinery. Our highly trained in-house crew adheres to suitable practices to ensure an efficient operation. We work on proper flashing to direct the water away from the roof. Vents and other roof penetrations are also constructed for the optimal performance of the roof.

Quality Control and Inspection:

Once the installation process is done, we perform another inspection to check if everything is perfectly placed. We verify that all things are according to the current market standards and meet the building codes. We also make any additional small corrections or changes needed before we wind up the project completely.

Cleanup and Project Completion:

After the job is complete, we leave the space with proper clean-up. We remove all the debris, roofing material waste, and other excess mass. Afterward, we also answer your every question regarding the project to provide peace of mind.

Popular Commercial Roof Systems in Los Angeles:

  • TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin): Thermoplastic Olefin membrane is a popular choice in Los Angeles due to its exceptional resistance to high temperatures. The surface significantly decreases heat absorption to maintain a good temperature inside. It also provides outstanding durability and energy-efficient benefits. Another key feature of TPO is that it is lightweight and easy to install.
  • Modified Bitumen Roofing: The installation procedure could be somewhat difficult, but it has good fire safety and usage endurance. While TPO is a single-ply membrane, Modified Bitumen Roofing is a multilayer composed of layers of asphalt, polyester, or fiberglass. MBR is widely favored due to its superior resistance to heat, ultraviolet radiation, and water infiltration. With minimum maintenance requirements, it offers an extended lifespan.
  • Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM): Being a cost-effective option, this material is also highly regarded in Los Angeles. It offers great resistance to harsh weather conditions. But what makes it different from TPO is its exceptional resistance to tears and punctures. That’s why it requires minimal maintenance over time.


You must not put your business at risk by ignoring the continuous and repetitive roofing issues. Taking prompt actions for the safety of your business operations, assets, and employees can save your investment in the longer term. If a roof has passed its expected life, the right choice is to have a new commercial roof installation. Golden Coast Roofing is a trusted company in Sherman Oaks, California, that provides exceptional services to customers. Being a licensed and certified company, we understand the distinct requirements of commercial roofs and their optimal solutions.

The in-house staff is equipped with advanced and up-to-date technology and techniques to perform efficient and effective tasks. Furthermore, our customer servicing department creates a positive connection with the clients with open communication. The professional staff clear all your doubts during the work and recommend the best materials for your commercial area. Therefore, call Golden Coast Roofing today and hand your property to the licensed and experienced team.


How long does it take for a roofing company to install a new commercial roof?

As the commercial roof prevails in comparatively larger areas than residential, it may take from one week to four weeks to install a new roof. However, it also mainly depends on the exact area of the roof and the material chosen for the installation.

How to choose the best material for installing a new commercial roof?

There are several factors to consider while installing a new commercial roof and ensuring the safety of your business. Analyze the material and choose one that can provide the best resistance to harsh weather, and durability with minimal maintenance requirements. Also, consider a budget-friendly option and verify that the quality justifies the cost.

What are some maintenance tips for a new commercial roof?

It is recommended to hire professionals for roof inspection at least twice a year. You should also remove all the debris and take timely action for minor problems.

What are some benefits for my business with a new commercial roof?

A new commercial roof improves energy efficiency while reducing the bill's cost. A properly installed roof also ensures safety and peace of mind with material warranties and minimal maintenance.

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