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Concrete Roof Tile Replacements: What are the Options?

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Concrete Roof Tile Replacements

Modernizing a home by doing a roof replacement can add significant value to a property. A roof is very noticeable, and a dilapidated roof does a home no justice when the rest of the building is looking good.

Those that have been through the process of replacing old concrete roof tiles by doing a shingle roof replacement are likely to describe the difference as being amazing. It gives the house a whole new look when the old concrete roof tiles are replaced. 

When the roof repair contractor is doing regular roof repairs and advises that these roof repairs are likely to cost more in the long term than doing a roof replacement then this is a sign that the roof needs replacing. Well, that makes sense, doesn’t it? 

What is a Concrete Roof Tile Replacement?

Concrete roof tiles that break need a replacement concrete roof tile, which is a quick roof fix. Concrete roof tiles are heavy and their load on the roof structure is more than shingle roof tiles. In some instances, it may be necessary to replace the concrete roof sections where they are damaged or sagging.

However, when a roof repair contractor advises that the roof is beyond repair it may be a suitable time to replace concrete roof structures and install a shingle roof replacement. If this option is chosen, a shingle roofing company should be contacted. 

When is it Time for a Concrete Tile Roof Replacement? 

Despite the durability of a concrete tile roof, its reliability does tend to decline as it ages: especially when cracks and leaks appear. This means increased costs are incurred by paying a roof repair contractor to keep the roof waterproof. The look of the roof also loses its appeal with age, looking drab and costing more money to maintain it. 

In addition, structural issues may start to emerge, some of which could be due to inferior workmanship during installation, and others due to leaks. 

  • Underlayment problems 

Leaks that have gone unnoticed may have caused the wood to rot under the concrete roof tiles. These may only be discovered at a later stage when extensive repairs are necessary. This often happens when homeowners fail to engage the services of a reputable roofing contractor to do roof maintenance on their homes. 

  • Dysfunctional concrete tiles 

One cracked tile can easily be replaced by a replacement concrete roof tile by lifting the two tiles above it, pulling the cracked tile out, and sliding a new one in its place. 

However, when it becomes evident that the concrete roof tiles continuously fail and leaks are damaging the area below them, then it is time to look to replace concrete roof tiles with something else. This could even be a shingle roof replacement or metal roof replacement. 

Preparing for a Concrete Roof Tile Replacement 

When a roofing contractor inspects a roof and advises a property owner to replace concrete roof tiles over a large area, the signs are there that a roof replacement is on the cards. It then gives the owner a chance to choose a different type of roof, and the roofing contractor an opportunity to do a roof tear off to inspect the underlayment. 

When the tear off is complete and the roof is ready for its fresh look the choice of doing a shingle roof replacement or laying a replacement concrete roof tile system needs to be made. Should the roof supporting structure be weakened anywhere, it should be replaced to its original condition first. 

What to Expect from a Concrete Tile Roof Replacement 

Owners are often reluctant to spend a lot of money on a roof because a roof is considered the part of the house that has a long lifespan. They are right about this, but bearing in mind all the battering a roof takes from the weather, wear and tear is inevitable.

However, many look back after a roof replacement has been done and never regret doing so because it has a huge positive impact on the look of the property. 

Expect a roof repair contractor to: 

  • Provide professional service. 

Roofing materials have advanced a long way and for those wishing to replace concrete roof tiles, there are many exciting opportunities and choices. A professional tile roofing repair company or a shingle roofing company is conversant with the style and variety of choices available and should be consulted before deciding which roof replacement to do. 

  • Guarantee a long roof lifespan. 

Once installed the roof repair costs and maintenance costs will be minimal, even though it is important to remember that shingle roof repair could be more frequent than replacement concrete roof tile costs. 

However, a maintenance program is advised to keep the roof looking like new for years to come and to guarantee it a long lifespan. 

Sage Advice from a Roofing Professional

Property owners often spend lots of money on the house and forget that the roof is one of its biggest features. When the concrete tile roof looks tired and needs to be refurbished, the choices are wide and exciting. Call us when considering a roof replacement and consult the best in LA. 

Questions & Answers

Is it difficult to match a replacement concrete roof tile or my existing concrete roof tiles in LA?

Take the old tile to a roof repair contractor for advice or visit a tile center to help you with a suitable replacement concrete roof tile. 

Can I fix my broken tile with a replacement concrete roof tile myself, or should I hire a professional?

Yes, if you are aware of safety precautions, A roof repair contractor will gladly assist and inspect the rest of your roof at the same time.

How can I delay a concrete tile roof replacement and what maintenance regimes are necessary?

Having a maintenance contract with a roof repair contractor saves property owners in the long term and we highly recommend this to prolong the lifespan of your roof 


Which kind of roof has the most maintenance associated with it?

As good as they look, expect more shingle roof repair than other materials, but remember regular maintenance will keep the roof looking great. 

When a concrete roof tile replacement is done, what happens to the old tiles?

A good LA roofer will ensure minimal inconvenience and mess, load the old tiles into the dumpster and dispose of them responsibly. 

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