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6 Tips for Fixing a Leaking Skylight

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To fix a leaking skylight, you must first ascertain the source of the water. A skylight lets the sunshine into your home on a cloudless day. A skylight shouldn’t let anything in when it’s raining, especially the rain. Do not delay in fixing your skylight if it is leaking. A tiny leak can be a sign that water is accumulating around it, which could cause the roof deck to decay. Most leaky skylights are remedied by following a few simple procedures. Depending on the sort of skylight you have, your initial order of action should be to identify the leak’s source.

There are certain fixes for the skylight that you can do on your own, while others call for professional assistance. The first stage is to identify the source of the issue, which is necessary before moving on to a solution. A skylight leak can result in mold growth and other problems in the house if it is ignored. If you don’t manage to fix your leaking skylight, the team at Golden Coast Roofing will be glad to provide a professional roofing service for you. Contact us here.


How do you fix a leaking Skylight?

  • Identify the Leak’s Source

Put something underneath the leak from your skylight when you notice water leaking there to collect the water. then make an effort to identify the drip’s origin. For a close-up view inside, you’ll likely need a stepladder.

  • Condensation

Look for evidence of moisture on the glass as you inspect the skylight. If you do, you’ll undoubtedly notice that it tends to congregate and leak from particular locations. Ventilation is the greatest treatment for condensation. If the skylight won’t open, think about utilizing a fan to enhance airflow.

  • A Defective skylight

If the skylight can be opened, look for mold or evidence of degradation in the rubber seal that surrounds the frame. If moisture is pouring between the window covering and the framework, it means the skylight isn’t completely sealing.

You might have to change the gasket to fix this. Dirt may also be present that prevents the skylight from fully closing. They might be removed to stop the leak.

Your examination can turn up moisture near a skylight that is fractured. Even while it might be possible to remove the damaged area and repair it, you’ll typically need to replace the skylight as a whole.

  • Improper roof flashing

Any water you notice must be flowing through the rooftop once humidity and skylight faults have been ruled out. Either it’s leaking through the gasket between the covering and the skylight or it’s leaking underneath the flashing.

It is simpler to identify and fix the problem if it originates from the framework on the higher slope of the rooftop than from the bottom section of the framework. A leakage from the bottom portion could come from any place on the roof because water tends to follow the rooftop’s decking. The flashing skylight is nearly always the one from the upper half.

  • Shut off the Flashing

The next stage is to climb onto the rooftop with a glue gun and the necessary filler if it is determined that the water is truly coming from the covering. For this job, butyl and silicone adhesives are not advised.

It might be simple to see the harm. You might discover that some of the old sealants have cracked or flaked away from the flashing that is visible. In that scenario, use a sand knife to remove all the loose pieces, then cover the open area with a bead of fresh sealant. You’ll need to pull back the tiles to inspect the flashing components that are flush with the roofing. Apply plenty of glue to the flashing’s margins, paying specific attention to the area around the skylight’s crown on the upper section of the rooftop. Keep in mind that any water leaking beneath the flashing at the peak of the skylight may do so from a lower portion.

  • You might have to install the flashing again

It’s probably preferable to tear up the tiles and replace the flashing if you discover nails, corroded or deteriorated flashing, or holes in the step flashing around the edges of the skylight framework where tiles and flashing are piled.


Contact Golden Coast Roofing

We provide top-notch skylight repair services in the Los Angeles area,  with industry-standard procedures and materials. Based on our decades of experience working with roofs and skylights, our service is unmatched. We offer a wide range of skylight installation and maintenance services, and we have experience with a wide variety of skylight types. Contact us here.

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fixing a leaking skylight
Fixing a leaking skylight

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