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Your Guide to Install Flat Roofing: Golden Coast Roofing 

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Get to know our team at Golden Coast Roofing before you look for a residential roofing company in Sherman Oaks or start your next roofing project!

Installing flat roofing in Los Angeles offers many advantages for both industrial and home buildings. Some of the common benefits are affordability, strength performance, maximized interior area, and easy access to protection and maintenance. A flat roof setup is cost-effective and presents additional usable area. Flat roofs are ideal in case you need to install HVAC structures, solar panels, and marketing displays. At Golden Coast Roofing, we understand the unique challenges and considerations related to flat roof installation in Los Angeles. Our roofing company is highly skilled and dedicated to imparting amazing providers and top-excellent flat roof solutions on your residential or commercial belongings. 

This guide will assist you in getting all of the data about flat roofs set up. We will understand how to install a flat roofing, the distinctive sorts of flat roof systems and their advantages. We’ll also discover the motives why Golden Coast Roofing is a trusted choice to install flat roofing inside the Los Angeles location. 

What are Flat Roofs? 

Flat roofs, also called low-slope roofs, have a minimum pitch, usually starting from 0 to 10 degrees. While they appear flat to the naked eye, this moderate incline lets in correct water drainage. Flat roofs are a popular preference for commercial homes and are an increasing number of sought-after for present-day residential designs because of their easy aesthetic and capability for usable rooftop space. 

Benefits of Flat Roof Installation:

The good things about a flat roof installation on a building in Los Angeles are:

  1. Save Money: Flat roofs need less material than sloped roofs and are simpler to build, you will save your money and time. 
  2. Energy saving: You can install solar panels on a flat roof and generate solar energy. 
  3. More Space Inside: Flat roofs give extra space inside the building, which is great for businesses that need lots of room.
  4. Easy to Reach: Flat roofs are easy to get to for fixing things, like air conditioning or solar panels, which makes it safer and more convenient.
  5. Less Maintenance: Flat roofs need less fixing and looking after, so they cost less in the long run.
  6. Extra Outdoor Space: Flat roofs also provide outdoor areas for relaxing or gardening and add more value to your building. 

Types of Flat Roofs by Golden Coast Roofing

The flat roof types that we provide are:

1. Single-Ply Polymer Membrane Roof

  • Material: This type of flat roof is made of EPDM rubber. It’s known for excellent durability and temperature resistance.
  • Features: This type of roofing is highly resistant to weathering, tearing, and scratches. Particularly suitable for roofs with high-temperature fluctuations.

2. PVC Roofing Membrane

  • Material: This type of flat roof is made of PVC, generally known for its robustness and lightweight properties.
  • Features: This type of roofing is easy to install and repair. It also features good resistance to fire and chemicals, so it is a safe choice.

3. Built-Up Roof (BUR)

  • Material: It is made of a tar and gravel mixture.
  • Features: BUR is known for its excellent waterproofing properties. It is one of the most reliable flat roofing materials and is particularly effective at waterproofing due to its multi-layered nature.

4. Modified Bitumen

  • Material: This is often used in conjunction with BUR to enhance protection and durability.
  • Features: Modified Bitumen covers well over large areas and requires minimal maintenance. It is resilient and flexible which makes it suitable for buildings that experience structural movements.

5. TPO Membrane

  • Material: It is called a thermoplastic polyolefin roofing membrane.
  • Features: It is a very popular type of roofing due to its cost-effectiveness and performance. It’s also noted for its energy-efficient properties due to its reflective surface. 

Contact us for a consultation to determine the best flat roof solution, commercial roofs repair, and repairing a shingle roof for your property.  

Golden Coast Roofing Flat Roof Installation Process

1. Consult an expert:

Install flat roofing process will start by consulting with flat roofing experts at Golden Coast Roofing for advice. You need to avoid installing or repairing the roof yourself without the necessary experience. 

2. Remove the old roof: 

After Inspecting the roof, we’ll decide on materials, and, if necessary,  we can remove any old or damaged roofing. This is good to ensure that the new roof has a solid foundation. In some cases, if the existing roof is in good shape, we can add a new layer rather than simply remove the old layer. 

3. Review the licenses: 

You may need a building permit to replace or repair your flat roof depending on your location. Golden Coast Roofing will help you to determine if this is necessary and assist with the application process. 

4. Prepare equipment and supplies: 

We’ll use specific tools and materials suitable for your flat roofs (EPDM rubber, modified bitumen, or fiberglass). Tools include a roofing hammer, knife handles, and tools for cleaning and detecting water. 

5. Install a new roof:

Then we start installing the new flat roof materials and make sure each piece is properly installed and secured. This requires careful alignment and bonding to stop future issues. 

6. Ensure proper drainage and ventilation: 

We’ll install efficient plumbing and ventilation systems. Good drainage blocks moisture from accumulating and causing damage and good ventilation helps regulate the temperature. 

7. Final inspection and cleaning: 

After when your flat roof is completely installed, we’ll make sure that everything is in order or not. After your satisfaction, we will clean up the work area, remove debris, and leave your property neat.

Flat Roof Maintenance Tips

  • Check for breathing space: Make sure there is at least a yard between your flat roof and any nearby tree branches to prevent damage and moss growth that could harm the roofing material.
  • Keep Clean: Regular checkups are essential to spot any issues early. Look for signs of leaks, cracks, membrane damage, etc. Inspect after any major weather conditions.
  • Don’t skip coating: Applying a coating can help protect your flat roof from UV rays, shed grain, and prolong its life. However, choosing the right coating based on your specific roofing needs is important. 
  • Check for leaks: Regularly look at your flat roof for leaks, cracks, water damage, or every other symptom. Promptly coping with leaks can stop similar harm and pricey repairs.


By following above mentioned maintenance tips, you can ensure the longevity and performance of your flat roof in Los Angeles, ultimately saving you money and stopping the risk of major problems. 

Summary: Your Partner for All Your Flat Roof Services

Golden Coast Roofing is your one-stop shop for all your affordable flat roofing needs in Los Angeles. Whether you require, install flat roofing, repairs for an existing flat roof, or routine maintenance, our team of experts is here to assist you.

You can contact us for a free estimate. We will be happy to answer your issues and help you find the best flat roofing solutions for your property. Don’t wait! Protect your Los Angeles property with a professionally installed quality flat roof from Golden Coast Roofing. Contact us today at (213) 295-6541 to schedule your free consultation to experience the Golden Coast Roofing difference.



Can Golden Coast Roofing help with emergency roof repairs?

Yes, Golden Coast Roofing provides quick assistance for emergency roof repairs. 

What if I notice a problem with my flat roof?

If you notice any damage like leaks, or cracks you can contact Golden Coast Roofing and we will be there for you to detect and solve the issue. Early detection and repair can stop more extensive issues.

How to book roofing services from Golden Coast Roofing?

You can call us at (213-314-3478). You can also visit our website and contact us to discuss your roofing issues. Our team is ready to assist you 24/7.

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