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The roof is one of the most important structures in any building. It protects you and adds an important flavor to your building at the same time. In LA, shingle roofing is a widely used option. However, in the case of shingles, maintenance is an important factor. At Golden Coast Roofing, our experts specialize in fixing a shingle roof. In repairing a shingle roof, our team of experienced workers makes sure that everything is done exactly right. Today we’ll discuss the importance of repairing a shingle roof. We’ll also see the different materials available in shingle roofs, signs when you should get a repair, and the benefits of getting professional help for a repair job.

Need of a Shingle Roof Repair 

Shingle roofs are widely used in houses, offices, and commercial buildings. They give your building a sophisticated and appealing look. However, despite their numerous benefits they are still sensitive to various issues over time. Problems like missing shingles, water leaks, seepage, or granule loss may start to occur after some time. If any of these problems are left unchecked they can go on to cause a bigger issue for you. A shingle roof replacement can be avoided if you solve these small issues by getting repairs. Repairing a shingle roof will increase the average lifespan of your roof and any major expenses can be avoided.

When to get a Repair?

Now for any house or business owner, it is important to look out for any signs that may indicate roof damage. Following are some signs you want to look out for:

Bruised Shingles:

Storms, heavy rains, or high winds can damage your roof. The shingles will get a shattered appearance at all the points where they are hit. This makes your roof weak. In such cases, your roof’s ability to repel any moisture decreases. If you see such a sign, call a roofing company so they can repair the shingle roof. 

Cupping of Shingles:

When your shingles get old they’ll form a cup-like shape. Another important sign is a hole-like formation in the middle. In such cases, it is advised to get these shingles replaced.

Cracks on Shingles:

Sometimes the asphalt layer overlying the shingles gets cracked. Now, from a safety point of view, these cracks don’t pose much threat. But they can make your roof look old. So, if you are concerned by this appearance, repairing your shingle roof will solve this problem.

Curled Shingles:

The curling of shingles is another important sign of roof damage. Raised or curled shingles indicate poor installation or inadequate ventilation in your house. This problem can be solved by a professional shingle roof repair service. According to experts, this issue can be resolved by a softly applied roof coating. However, to permanently solve the issue it’s better to sort out the ventilation problem.

Flaked Shingles:

When the lifespan of your shingle roof is over they’ll flake. For such cases, repairing your shingle roof isn’t advised as it may end up costing you more. If you see such a sign, contact your residential roof company and get a complete roof shingle replacement.

So if you see any such signs, call Golden Coast Roofing so we can get you a top-notch repairing job within your price range.

Types of Shingles

Now shingle roofs come in lots of materials. Being the number one roofing company in LA, Golden Coast Roofing has expertise in a whole range of materials from which you choose according to your liking and requirements. Following are some materials available for shingle roofs:

Asphalt Shingles:

Because of its affordability and ease of installation, most people go with the option of asphalt roofs. Long durability is another benefit of going with this option. You can also choose to go with different styles and colors.

Metal Shingles:

Metal shingles give your house a modern and new-world look. In LA wildfires are more common as compared to other states. These roofs offer resistance to such fires. They are also highly durable. Steel, aluminum, and copper are some materials available in this option.

Wood Shingles:

Some house owners want more of a natural and old-school look. In such cases, wood shingles are a good choice. Cedar or redwood are commonly used woods in roofing.

Clay Shingles:

For warmer climates like California, clay shingles are a good pick. These tiles or shingles look extremely elegant with different architectural designs. 

Benefits of Hiring Professional Roofers

Many people choose to do repair jobs themselves. Now for various reasons, this may seem tempting at first. However, during the job, there are a lot of things that may go wrong. So, it’s better to leave this job for professionals. This is where the Golden Coast Roofing steps in. Being a certified and licensed company we make sure to follow all safety guidelines. Our experts before starting the actual job do a detailed analysis and keep our client in the loop at every step. We take full guarantee of our work and after a repair job by our workers, your roof will certainly be as good as new.


To make it short, repairing a shingle roof is highly beneficial if done right. You can choose from our whole range of materials if you are looking for a replacement or just hire our services for a repair job. With years of experience, our clientele can vouch for our services and after we are done with the project at your place, you’ll vouch for us too!


Is there any company that offers free inspection?

Certainly, at Golden Coast Roofing our team of experts will visit your house. They’ll do a detailed inspection and analysis. After this, they provide you with an estimated cost. All of this is free of cost.

When should a person inspect his roof for any damages?

Ideally, an inspection should be done two times a year. In case of a storm or earthquake, carry out an immediate inspection.

Should I get a repair job or a complete roof replacement?

A skilled worker can solve small issues like missing or curled shingles. However, if your roof is old it’s better to hire a professional company like Golden Coast for a detailed survey. They’ll advise you according to the condition of your roof.

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