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Roof Hole Patch: What it is, How it Works & Who to call

By Golden Coast Roofing

By Golden Coast Roofing

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There is nothing that requires more urgent attention than a leaking roof. It has the potential to render the home electrics useless and severely damage the contents of a house. A hole in the roof can develop at the most inopportune time too, like during a storm or when away on a trip.

Whatever the cause, a professional roof hole repair company should be called. Fortunately, roof hole repair can be done quickly using a roof hole patch. Here we look at the roof hole patch, what it is, and how it works.

Understanding the benefits of hiring a professional to perform the repairs along with the causes of roof holes, and the types of roof hole patches available, will help homeowners know what to do in the event of such a crisis happening to them.

What is a Roof Hole Patch?

A roof hole patch is a systematic sequence of actions using materials and tools to repair a hole in a roof and make it waterproof. As roof holes occur when least expected, and water can be very damaging, it is crucial to repair the roof hole as soon as possible in order to avoid a later LA roof replacement. Let’s unpack the sequence to understand how to repair a roof hole with a roof hole patch.

Causes of Roof Holes

There are several ways that a roof can develop a hole:

Weather-related damage is the most common, with hail or strong winds causing branches to fall on the roof. This could result in shingles displaced on the shingle roofing leaving the home below unprotected against the rain.

Roof wear and tear occurs as the roof ages, and deterioration can take place. Lack of roof maintenance or improper installation may also result in weak areas developing on the roof and resulting in roof holes. By ignoring them a later LA roof replacement may be necessary.

Heavy objects, careless walking on the roof, or animal damage are less frequent causes but they can result in roof holes appearing in the roof.

Types of Roof Hole Patches

There are different types of roof hole patches, all designed to suit the type of roof hole that needs mending:

  • Shingle patches

A complex job, shingle patches are certainly for experts in shingle roofing. Shingle patching involves exposing the hole, applying new plywood, and adding roofing cement and tar to fix the hole, before adding a new shingle.

  • Metal patches

Fixing a hole in a metal roof requires a metal patch, sealant, and roof screws. After cutting the metal patch to size, apply a sealant to the affected area, press the patch down on the sealant until it oozes out on the sides, and screw the patch into the roof.

  • Liquid patches

Liquid patches come in the form of a combination of fabric for roof reinforcing that integrates with a rubberized roofing wet patch. The advantage is that this patch is good for small holes and is easy to apply. It doesn’t apply to homes where structural damage occurs over a larger area.

Why Hire a Professional for Roof Hole Patching

Working on a roof is hazardous and should not be attempted by someone inexperienced. For this reason, hiring a professional roofer with the prerequisite experience and expertise is advised. They will know precisely which materials to use and have the right tools to do the work required. Also, they comply with safety standards, leaving the homeowner free of this worry.

Risking doing DIY repairs to do a roof hole repair is not recommended. Not only does working at heights have its safety hazards, but a lack of knowledge about moving around on shingle roofing could cause further damage. As roof patching is specialized, incorrect patching techniques, using the wrong materials, which, if done wrong could bring on an LA roof replacement prematurely.

How Roof Hole Patching Works

As soon as the hole in the roof becomes evident, contact a LA roofer to do an inspection and assessment of the damage. Once known, the hole can be prepared for repair. For shingle roofing, this could entail removing shingles and preparing the subsurface area, or in the case of a metal roof, by scuffing the surrounding metal with a wire brush. The surface must be clean and ready for the application of the roof hole patch.

Applying the roof hole patch is next. Measure the size of the repair area, and cut the patch to size, remembering an area for overlap. Apply the roof hole patch to the affected area and lay the reinforcing materials onto it. According to the type of roof, these materials could be fabric material, metal, shingles, or a tile roof patch.

Smooth and level the patched area so that no water can accumulate and ensure that the patch and the sealant bind effectively.

The materials for each type of roof will be appropriate for the application, whether for shingle roofing, or tile roofing, and tools used in the patching process will include the following:

  • Ladder
  • Pry bar
  • Utility knife
  • Putty knife
  • Hammer, nails, and screws
  • Patches and sealant

A Word of Advice

Whether shingle roofing, tile roofing, or metal roofing, no roof can be expected to last forever. It is battered by the weather and other hazards, making it susceptible to holes from time to time. When this does occur a roof hole repair needs to be performed quickly and properly.

Don’t take chances with a roof, it protects the interior of your house and in LA roof replacement is expensive. Seek professional assistance for roof hole patching if it does occur so that it doesn’t lead to an LA roof replacement later.  

Questions & Answers

What is a roof hole patch, and how does it work?

A roof hole patch is a quick method of doing roof repair roof hole repair, especially in urgent circumstances.

What are some common causes of roof holes, and how can they be prevented?

One is the weather, which we can’t control, but regular roof maintenance with a tile roof patch, shingle roof patch, or metal roof repair stays in good condition. Occasional accidents like a branch falling on the roof can be avoided by keeping nearby trees well-trimmed.

What are the different types of roof hole patches, and which one is best for my situation?

Shingle roofing and tile roofing repair have their patches, good repair prevents the necessity for their LA roof replacement, and the patch depends on the type of roof needing repair.

Can I patch a roof hole myself, or should I hire a professional?

Unless you are used to working on tile roofing or shingle roofing, have the necessary tools, and use the right patches, hire a professional, who will do the roof hole patch right, the first time.

How much does it typically cost to repair a roof hole, and how long does the repair process take?

The beauty is that it doesn’t take long, especially if it’s an emergency. The roof hole patch materials dry quickly and it’s an affordable service, provided the damage is not severe.

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