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Your roof acts as a shield for your loved ones and belongings directly against the harmful natural elements. But like many other materials, the shingle roof also has its lifetime and it becomes essential for replacement after some time. The installation of a new roof also depends on many other factors that should not be overlooked in any case. Golden Coast Roofing understands all the complexities and challenges your roof faces. We are an experienced shingle roof replacement contractor in Sherman Oaks, California that takes pride in offering exceptional service and customer satisfaction. Our highly skilled workers ensure high-quality and efficient work for shingle roof replacement. From inspection to bringing the new roof, every task is done with advanced tools and techniques. This article offers a comprehensive guide on the life of your shingle roof while introducing our certified roof replacement services.

When to Have a Shingle Roof Replacement

Below are some factors to consider that indicate the need for a new shingle roof. 

Visible Shingle Damage: Analyze shingles that are curled, cracked, or missing on the roof. With time, shingles’ strength deteriorates, and they cannot effectively handle forceful weather elements. Buckled shingles point to moisture trapped underneath, while cracked or missing shingles expose your roof deck to water damage. 

Leaks or Moisture Stains: Water stains at the attic, or other interior ceilings are perfect indicators that show roof failure. Watermarks on walls and ceilings should also be checked after a rain or a snowstorm. These stains suggest that water is dripping through the roof and should be addressed without delay.

Roof Age Exceeding Lifespan: It is important to understand that every roofing system has an expected life span. For example, some of the famous shingle materials with their expected life are as follows,

  • Wood shingles: 20-25 years
  • Asphalt shingles: 15-30 years
  • Composition/Synthetic shingles: 12-20 years

Excessive Shingle Granules in Gutters: These are the small gritty particles on the surface of your shingles. These granules disappear naturally with time. However, the accumulation of granules in your gutters could mean that your roof is wearing out fast and this may call for replacement.

If the roofing is reaching the expected life span, it might be advisable to replace it. This can avoid more serious issues and expensive repair work. At Golden Coast Roofing Company, we provide free roof inspection. Our certified professionals conduct an in-depth examination to decide whether you need a repair or complete replacement. 

Understanding Shingle Roof Lifespan Variations

Several factors affect the lifetime of a shingle roof, given as follows.

Shingle Material: Wood shingles are said to have a longer lifetime than asphalt and composition shingles. Meanwhile, Asphalt shingles are intermediate between the other two. Therefore, you can expect the life of your shingle roof depending on the type of material. 

Weather Conditions: Mighty natural elements such as severe weather conditions such as heavy rain, and high temperatures can harm the lifetime of a shingle roof. 

Maintenance: Regular maintenance is beneficial to extend the lifetime of a shingle roof. Debris and neglecting minor damage can lead to serious issues with your roof. 

The Golden Coast Roofing Shingle Roof Replacement Process

Workers at Golden Coast Roofing adopt a unique and comprehensive approach to replacing a shingle roof. 

  • Material Delivery: After you have chosen the desired material, it will be delivered to your property with great care. We prioritize safe and efficient delivery to minimize disruption to your daily routine.
  • Work Area Preparation: Safety is paramount during any roof replacement project. Our experienced crew will create a clear work area around your home. This may involve removing patio furniture, grills, or other outdoor items. We will also install scaffolding or other safety structures to ensure the safety of our workers and your property.
  • Shingle Removal: Our team will effectively tear off your current shingles using a Specialized “tear-off” fork. The specialized tools work effectively in the removal of the shingles in order not to compromise on the underlying roof deck. 
  • Gutter Cleaning:  Before having new shingles on the roofs, we will make sure to clean out the roof gutters efficiently. This helps in controlling good water flow while at the same time avoiding instances of blockage and water accumulation.  
  • Shingle Installation:  Our certified roofers can then properly install the chosen shingle material to your roof. They will exercise, correct placement, nailing process, and a high standard watertight seals in the area. Golden Coast Roofing aims to use high-quality material that enhances performance and durability.
  • Cleanup and Completion: Once the new roofing shingles have been placed on the roof, our crew shall efficiently remove all the debris found around the roof. This entails clearing the area of all remains, old shingles, and nails that were possibly left behind. Our team cleans your property meticulously and guarantees a seamless return to your regular schedule.

Why Choose Golden Coast Roofing?

With our exceptional services and commitment to quality work, Golden Coast Roofing stands out as the best roofing company in Los Angeles. Here are some top benefits you can expect from us.

Licensed and Insured: To work as a professional shingle roof replacement contractor, we hold a C-39 license. This achievement provides our customers a great client satisfaction. Additionally, we are also an insured shingle roof contractor, providing financial support in any case of harmful incident to the client’s property. 

In-House Crew: Many roofing companies in the market rely on third parties and hire workers from subcontractors. However, being a certified and licensed roof replacement contractor, we directly recruit professionals and train them according to market standards. This ensures efficient work and flawless operations of shingle roof replacement. 

Clear Communication: At Golden Coast Roofing, we encourage open and clear communication with customers to discuss all the issues. We deal with every concern of the customer and answer the questions that can be asked during work. Moreover, our professionals also provide their best recommendations for roofing materials. 

Free Evaluation and Exact Estimation: Another prominent feature that makes us the best shingle roof replacement contractor is the free evaluation. Our certified workers conduct an extensive inspection to examine the roof’s condition and choose a suitable material. Additionally, we also provide an exact estimation of cost, avoiding any unexpected charges during the process. 

Cutting-Edge Tools and Technology: To perform the replacement work more accurately, we utilize up-to-date tools and techniques. This approach confirms the optimal performance of the new roof and vanishes the risk of early damage.

Generous Warranties: Along with the quality work, we also provide extended warranties on roofing materials. It provides the customers peace of mind about the durability of their new shingle roof. Warranties provided by our company depend on different types of materials. 

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: Our customers are always our main concern. Extra effort is made to make sure that the result meets your satisfaction. If there is a dissatisfactory point in your experience, we will correct it without question.


As described earlier, your roof is the first defensive layer against all the elements to protect your property. Once the roof has reached its expected lifespan, regular maintenance is insufficient to guarantee its safety. At this point, you need a contractor for shingle roof replacement. But you don’t need to invest time and effort in contacting ordinary companies as Golden Coast Roofing is your solution. We understand the significance of a durable shingle roof and recognize the complications of installing a new unit. Our commitment to providing greater client satisfaction with premium services makes us an excellent shingle roof replacement contractor.

An official license and certifications provide evidence of our professionalism. Moreover, open communication, implementation of leading-edge technology, and free inspection enhance our reputation as the best shingle roof replacement contractor in Los Angeles. Don’t wait until a leak or major damage occurs. Contact Golden Coast Roofing today for a free consultation and quote. Let us give your home the protection it deserves.


How long does the shingle roof replacement process take?

Asphalt shingles are easy to install and can be replaced within a day or two. However, wooden or composite shingles replacement may take a week.

What should I do to prepare for a shingle roof replacement?

Move the furniture and other belongings that can be in the way of installers. Cover the attic to avoid dust and debris. Also, take care of your pets as heavy machinery and loud noise can scare or disturb their safety.

How can I maintain my new shingle roof?

After replacing the shingle roof, it should be maintained regularly. You should remove dust and debris with a routine and conduct inspections at least twice a year.

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