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The Top 6 Reasons to Invest in Tile Roofing for Your Home Renovation in Sherman Oaks

By Golden Coast Roofing

By Golden Coast Roofing

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water-proofing-company-sherman-oaksIf you plan a renovation project, hire the leading tile roofing company in Sherman Oaks: Golden Coast Roofing. Homeowners are often apprehensive about paying a premium for a tile roof. However, installing a tile roof can be a high-return renovation as it offers a wide range of benefits. This article discusses the top reasons to invest in a tile roof for your home renovation.  

Long Life Expectancy  

The average lifespan of a roof is around 30 years. However, tile roofs can last for up to 50 years or even longer, and you won’t have to worry about a roof replacement for half a century.   

Clay and concrete tiles don’t warp, and their edges don’t curl up. Tiles are also not susceptible to temperature fluctuations, eliminating tile replacements with every season change.  

Aesthetic Appeal  

Clay tiles are the traditional roofing material, and their origins date back to Ancient Greece. The curb appeal of tiles contributes significantly to this roofing type’s popularity, and its appearance suits almost all architectural design styles.   

Roof tiles don’t fade, and they retain their natural appearance for the roof’s entire lifespan. By installing a tile roof, you ensure that your home has a well-kept appearance, even when the roof is at the end of its functional life.  

Exceptional Insulation  

A tile roof has excellent insulation properties and reflects the sun’s heat away from your house, keeping your interior cool and comfortable during the summer months. Installing a tile roof takes a load off your cooling system, allowing you to recoup some of your tile roof costs through energy savings.  

Class-A Fire Resistance  

When a fire breaks out in or around a house, the most significant damage occurs when the roof catches fire. However, roof tiles have a Class-A fire rating and are not likely to combust or burn. In addition to lowering your risk for property damage and personal injury, the fire resistance of a tile roof can reduce your fire insurance rates.  

Value Retention  

If you plan on selling your home within the next ten years, a tile roof installation now can significantly increase your resale value. A tile roof offers long-lasting protection and aesthetic appeal, and prospective buyers will list the tile roof in their pros column, even if it is older than a decade.  


Some tile roofs have a relatively low load-bearing capacity, and if you walk on a clay tile roof, the tiles might break. However, tile roofs can withstand harsh conditions, including inclement weather. High winds and moving tree limbs might cause tiles to shift, but they are not likely to lift or crack.  

Golden Coast Roofing: Professional Tile Roofing Contractor in Sherman Oaks  

If you are looking to increase your property’s market value, reduce energy costs, and improve its visual appeal, a tile roof replacement is the renovation project to consider. At Golden Coast Roofing, we are a residential roofing company that provides professional tile roof installation so that you can derive all benefits this roof type has to offer.   

Give us a call today and make our tile roofing company in Sherman Oaks your renovation partner.  

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